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Basic cosmetic terms for pigments

October 29, 2018

Pigments are more than just color! There are various characteristics that you should pay attention to in order to create the desired cosmetic formulation with the right features. In this article, we explain the key characteristics of pigments to help you choose the pigments you need.

Particle Size:Particle size dictates the luster and reflection of mica. In general, higher particle size means more sparkle but less coverage.

Oil Absorbance: Ideally, pigment powders should not absorb oil. Otherwise, they may cause undesirable effect on the formulation.

Translucent: Or transparent. These powders add color tone and brightness without overshadowing other features of your formulation.

Opaque: These can provide strong to complete coverage.

Matte: A gloss, low luster feel.

High luster:Reflecting the light. These powders can add pearl-like appearance to your formulation.  

Dispersability:The ease of mixing pigments into formulation. In general, pearl mica pigments disperse easily. The matte pigments don't "bleed" easily and are commonly used in nail polish and lipstick.

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